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The Enterprise Practice offers the following special services to our patients, as well as the usual General Medical Services.

  • Maternity Care: In conjunction with our Midwife who sees all newly diagnosed pregnant patients. Antenatal care is provided daily by Drs Sado and Dr Mahendrarajah.
  • Childhood Immunisation: These are given by our Nurses on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Please bring your RED BOOK with you when your child is registered with us so we know which immunisations have already been given. Please made sure your child is up to date with all immunisations.. If your baby is accompanied by a grandparent or another person other than their parent, a signed note by the parent will be required to give authorisation. In line with Government policy, this Practice recommends MMR vaccinations be given to all appropriate children. We cannot provide single vaccines for this purpose.
  • Post Natal and new baby checks are run by Dr Nalini Mahendrarajah.
  • Family Planning: This is provided on a daily basis by Doctors and Nurses. Emergency contraception is available during surgery opening hours from all the Doctors and Nurses.
  • Minor Surgery: Currently The Enterprise Practice is not offering a Minor Surgery clinic or service. When Dr Surajit Mukherjee joins The Enterprise Practice as a salaried GP in late September (2018) we will, (after comlpleting the necassary administative duties) endevour to offer a minor surgery clinic at the surgery, run by Dr Mukherjee, who has a number of years of experience with minor surgery.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Rectal Bleeding: This involves Sigmoidoscopy and injection/banding of piles. Treatment of colitis and onward referral to St Marks Hospital for further diagnosis.
  • Cervical Smears: All medical staff are now trained in Liquid Based Cytology, to provide the most up to date methods of taking cervical smears. This service is provided for all women aged 25-65. If you do not want to have a smear test performed, please advise the Practice “in writing” and you will be removed from the Practice list. You will be allowed to change your decision every five years. If your smear test shows an abnormality you will be advised in writing by Northwick Park Hospital, then you will be referred for specialist advice in the form of Colposcopy if appropriate.  If you fail to attend a smear appointment on more than three occasions, we will presume that you do not want the test carried out, and you will not be invited for a further five years.
  • Preconception Counselling/Advice is available during normal surgery hours from the Doctors and Nurses.
  • Travel Immunisations: All vaccines, except rabies, are stocked by the Practice. The Practice is a “Department of Health recognised Yellow Fever Clinic”.
  • Alternative Therapies: Advice on alternative therapies including Herbal Medicine and Kinesiology is available from Dr Sado.
  • Chronic Disease Management: We provide a comprehensive service for the management and follow up of the following diseases in accordance with Government recommended guidelines: Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes, Asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Stroke, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), Epilepsy, and Mental Health (for all patients with severe mental health problems, such as schizophrenia, manic depression and severe depressive illness.

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