Every patient is offered a 10 minute appointment. Most problems in General Practice can be sorted out in 10 minutes. If you come with more than one problem this may take longer than the 10 minutes and will result in the Doctor running late to see the next patient. Please be considerate in how you use your allotted time. Remember you can always make another appointment to discuss other problems.

Consultation Times:

  • Monday Morning : 8.30am – 11.00am (The surgery also offers two appointments on a Monday morning at 8.00am and 8.10am)
  • Monday Afternoon : 16.00-18.30hrs
  • Monday Evening : Commuter Clinic in the evening from 18.30-19.15hrs Last appointment booked at 19.00hrs
  • Tuesday Morning : 8.30am – 11.00am (The surgery also offers four appointments (with two different doctors) on a Tuesday morning at 8.00am and 8.10am)
  • Tuesday Afternoon : 16.00-18.30hrs
  • Wednesday Morning : 8.00am – 10.50am
  • Wednesday Afternoon : 16.00-18.00hrs
  • Thursday Morning : 8.30am – 11.00am
  • Thursday Afternoon : 15.30-18.00hrs
  • Friday Morning : 8.30am – 11.00am
  • Friday Afternoon : 15.00-17.30hrs (*Triage clinic)

To make an appointment, telephone 0203 326 0686. We run a 10 minute appointment system. Routine appointments with choice of doctor can be booked in advance.

If you need to see the Doctor please telephone at 08.30hrs for a morning appointment or 15.00hrs for an afternoon appointment on that day or you may come to the surgery in person at 08.00hrs to make the appointment.


Home Visits

These are at the discretion of the Doctor. For minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, ‘flu, etc, you will be expected to come to the Surgery.If you or someone you know requires a home visit, please ring the reception desk to request a home visit from one of our doctors. If Possible,  Please request your visit before 10.30hrs.

Out Of Hours

If you are unwell after the Surgery has closed, then please follow the instructions below:

For real emergencies: Dial 999 e.g. Chest pain, severe bleeding, breathing difficulties, major trauma

For minor accidents: Go to Northwick Park Hospital or the Walk-In Unit at Edgware Hospital

For advice: Telephone 111 who may contact our Deputising Service (CareUK) for further
management. The number of the Deputising Service is 0300 130 3017

Contact Details

Tel: 0203 326 0686
Appointments: 0203 326 0686
Fax: 020 8863 3303

Belmont Health Centre
516 Kenton Lane
Belmont, Harrow

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