Carers Aware

We are a Carers Aware Practice. We would like to identify all our patients who are carers so that we can provide up to date information and support. We plan to help meet their needs by way of a yearly healthcheck, respite needs and priority appointments.

Zero Tolerance Policy

In line with NHS Policy, abusive or violent behavior towards our Staff or Doctors will not be tolerated. Failure to observe this policy will result in removal from our Practice List.

Practice Charter

This outlines the aims of the Practice and what the Practice requests for the patients:

The Practice will:

  • Treat patients as individuals and try to give the best advice and treatment available.
  • Involve patients in diagnosis and treatment and ensure that patients understand the management of their illness, and requirements for further tests, e.g. x rays and blood tests.
  • Refer patients for specialist advice when appropriate and when agreed by the patient.
  • Provide an out of hour’s service.
  • Give access to medical records written after 1.11.1992 – as stated previously.
  • Ensure staff maintain strict confidentiality of records and all information.
  • Provide routine appointments and see emergencies within 48 hours if appropriate.

We expect patients to:

  • Telephone before 10.30hrs to request a home visit, if possible.
  • Make separate appointments for each person wishing to see the Doctor or Nurse.
  • Be punctual for appointments and telephone to cancel an appointment within a reasonable time, if you are unable to attend.
  • Give 48 hours notice when ordering repeat prescriptions.
  • Understand if you are kept waiting for an appointment because the Doctor is running late. This is most likely due to an emergency which may take longer than the allotted appointment time.
  • Try to come with only one problem to the Doctor. Each appointment is allotted 10 minutes. If patients come with multiple problems, then this time will be exceeded and the next patient will be kept waiting.
  • Treat all members of staff with courtesy and respect.

If you have a query on a prescription, please advise the Reception Staff, who will contact the Doctor.

Several of the local Chemists: Kentbrook, Lloyds Belmont, CARE Stanmore, Boots in Stanmore and Wealdstone, KL Pharmacy, Sainsbury’s (Stanmore) etc, run special services in conjunction with us, and several Chemists run services on home delivery for housebound patients. Please ask at the Chemist for details.

Access To Patient Information

All members of the Practice Team, i.e. Doctors, Practice Nurses and Administration Staff will have access to Patient information. All members of staff have to sign a confidentiality agreement which bans them from discussing any information relating to any patient outside of the Surgery. Each member, however, only has access to a certain level of information. All data is stored on a computer system, in addition to keeping all previous paper medical records in a secure place. Access to the computer system is only available to designated staff members, and is protected by codes and passwords.

All patients aged 16 and over are entitled to see their medical records for the period following 1.11.1992. If the Doctor feels that any information would be harmful to the patient, then access to this will be denied. For patients under 16 who do not wish their records to be seen by a parent or guardian, this request will be accepted if, in the opinion of the Doctor, that child is capable of understanding the implication of such a request.

Declaration of General practitioner earnings working for The Enterprise Practice

The average pay for GP’s who worked for six months or more at The Enterprise Practice, Belmont Health Centre, in the last financial year was £35,612 pounds before tax and National insurance. This is for 1, one part time and Two locum GP’s.

Contact Details

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Fax: 020 8863 3303

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