Prescription Request

Please allow 48 hours for the preparation of repeat prescriptions. To order a prescription, please tick the appropriate box on the repeat prescription sheet. Please do not add drugs to this sheet. Please note that we do not accept repeat prescriptions over the telephone, except for housebound patients. If you prefer your prescription to be sent to you, please enclose a stamped address envelope with your request and allow 8 days.

You can also request prescriptions via email, by emailing¬† : [email protected]¬†Please do not use it to send messages to the doctor.

Prescriptions can also be ordered using the ‘patient online services’. To use this facility, you need a patient services, online account. If you do not already have one and would like to register for one, we find the easiest way is to visit the reception desk with your Photo ID, and obtain a print out of instructions (which include a passcode) of how to register for online access, patient services.

We can now send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of your choice. If you would like to know more about this service, please ring reception.

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